Pride Mobility Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair

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4/5 on January 5, 2017

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  • Breaks down into four pieces for a total weight of 128 lbs.
  • It really is “flight-friendly”.
  • A really excellent turning radius of just 25.4”.


  • Low ground clearance.
  • Poor shock absorption.


Decent, dependable, great for travel wheelchair at a reasonable price.

Pride Mobility Go-Chair – Travel Power Wheelchair

The wheelchair market is evolving so rapidly that a physical disability doesn’t have to keep you from traveling safely and comfortably. Some motorized wheelchair models that are highly specialized for traveling tend to be expensive but there are models that can both fill your outdoor requirements and make travel possible and yet are affordable. In my opinion the Pride Mobility Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair fits the bill. Over the last 12 years I have owned three models of this chair and now it has recently been improved. While it may not be a great wheelchair in terms of comfort it’s certainly more than adequate for basic travel and outdoor needs.

Eight features of the Pride Mobility Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair:

1. It has a suggested weight capacity of 300 lbs, dual motors, a top speed of 3+ mph and a good drive range 9+ miles per charge.

2. The Pride Mobility Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair breaks down into four pieces (and the two under-seat storage bins). The total weight of 128 lbs., the rear section being the heaviest at 36 lbs., makes this wheelchair ideal for disassembly and transport in a car trunk or SUV.

3. The two 12v 18Ah deep-cycle batteries weigh 31 lbs. (it is possible to upgrade to 12v 22Ah batteries for a drive range of 10+ miles). (NOTE: Pride Mobility say that their products ship with either SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) or Gel-Cell batteries, whichever they have on hand – but both types are “deep-cycle” and “flight-friendly.”)

4. It really is “flight-friendly.” I can leave it at the end of the jetway, with the strollers, to be taken down to the hold by the baggage handlers, and walk from the door of the airplane, or take an aisle chair, to my seat.

5. What I consider a major plus for this wheelchair, a really excellent turning radius of just 25.4” (and that is with the footplate folded “down” – it is possible to save a few inches by turning the footplate to the “up” position.) It really is great for indoors, and in cramped spaces like bathrooms or elevators it can really turn in its own “footprint.”

6. By releasing the under-seat handle the seat (18” x 17”) can swivel through five pre-determined positions which can help with getting to and from the wheelchair. The seat-post height is adjustable through 2” in 1” increments.

7. The joystick/controller can be positioned on either the left or right armrest and the armrests are adjustable for width.

8. The Pride Mobility Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair comes with 9” solid rear wheels, rear anti-tip wheels, two under-seat, swing-away, storage bins (light assembly required) and a 60” lap (positioning) belt as standard.


There is a five-year (limited) warranty on the frame and a 13-month (limited) warranty on the electronics/drive train. The batteries are covered by a separate six-month warranty provided by the battery manufacturer, and are not warranted by Pride Mobility.


However, this Pride Mobility Go-Chair isn’t really made for outdoor navigation. The front wheels (6” solid casters) are really small and with the wheelchair not having any suspension it can make for a bumpy, uncomfortable ride.

Another thing that concerns me is the chair’s 1.6” ground clearance. I would much rather the chair had a little more clearance for a more comfortable outdoor drive.

Also, outside on rough surfaces or inclines the chair sucks up the battery power really fast. So, be careful out in the field. Depending on where you take it, the wheelchair may not give you the suggested travel range of 9+ miles per charge.


All in all, the Pride Mobility Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair is a fairly robust wheelchair and if you are on a tighter budget this chair might very well satisfy your needs. But for all-round use, a more powerful and durable chair might be a better choice. But, like I said, I have had three units of the previous version of this wheechair and, if you ask me, I would highly recommend this chair for people who like to travel, especially by plane, train, bus or car, or are temporarily immobilized and are looking for a decent, dependable wheelchair at a reasonable price.

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