About Me


Fifteen years ago a neurological disorder, Friedreich’s Ataxia, took away my ability to walk. I was 50, a photographer who loved roaming the streets of New York snapping photographs. What now? My wife and a push chair provided some mobility but I hated losing my independence (one of the things that really annoyed me about being in the push chair was the fact that when the pusher had to go and do something else they always seemed to leave me with a viewpoint of a blank wall!) I have young friends who can propel their push chairs over obstacles, in and out of cars and cabs but my neurological disorder and age made such activity impossible. And then I discovered the new electric wheelchairs and scooters. They transformed my life! I’d like to take you through some of those electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters and share the pros and cons of each – based on my own, and other’s, experience.