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Hello and welcome to BarrierGone.com! 
A comprehensive, up-to-date guide as to how an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter can make your life easier, more enjoyable and more productive!

My name is Martin. Fifteen years ago a neurological disorder, Friedreich’s Ataxia, took away my ability to walk. I was 50, a photographer who loved roaming the streets of New York snapping photographs. What now? My wife and a push chair provided some mobility but I hated losing my independence. Now my young friends propel their manual wheelchairs over obstacles, in and out of cars and cabs but with my disorder and at my age I just couldn’t manage. Then I got an electric wheelchair. What a difference! It transformed my life! I’d like to take you through some of those electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters and share the pros and cons of each – based on my own, and other’s, experience.

Recently I needed a new wheelchair and was overwhelmed and confused by the conflicting, misleading, hard-to-understand information out there on the Internet, often from the manufacturers themselves. I want my website to help clear up a lot of this misinformation and give you what you need to select a chair or mobility device that matches your needs and helps you lead a barrier free life! I’ll be drawing on my experiences and those of friends as well as doing extensive technical research.

I’m here to help. I’m starting with 20 reviews and will be adding information on not only wheelchair or mobility devices but other products as well as tips and suggestions. I am happy to say that exciting new products are coming on the market that promise to make our lives easier so please do check back often. If you have any questions please contact me and I will try my best to get you the best answer.

Choosing an electric wheelchair/mobility device is not about what kind it is and how fast it can go. It cannot be a quick, easy decision. It’s a long-term commitment and so you have to understand your own requirements first. You will want to take some time with this decision. Answering these questions helped me. Let’s take a look:

  • What do I want the wheelchair/mobility device to do? Is speed or security more important to me?
  • How many hours in the day am I going to be sitting in the chair/scooter?
  • Will it have to disassemble quite effortlessly to be loaded into a vehicle?
  • Should the device be standard size or will I need a heavy-duty model?
  • Will I be traveling a lot with it? By car? By plane?
  • Would an electric wheelchair or a 3-wheel/4-wheel mobility scooter best suit my needs?
  • How much can I afford to pay?
  • How often will I be using the power wheelchair/mobility device?
  • Over what sort of terrain? Is it quite hilly around my home or will I mainly be using it when I go to the mall?

These are a few of the questions which you must consider before purchasing a wheelchair or mobility scooter. After you have found a few models which appeal to you, ask yourself which among these fulfills most of your needs. Answering these questions will help you more easily narrow down your choice to a particular type, model or manufacturer. Most of the time users rely on reviews left on Amazon and other websites after narrowing down the search to three or four products. Unfortunately, everyone thinks and feels different. Be subjective and find out which among them are best suited to your needs. This alone will let you choose a more suitable, dependable and longer-lasting electric wheelchair or mobility scooter.

I hope the reviews and information I provide here at ABarrierFreeLife.com will be helpful in your decision making!

Travel/Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

Full-Size Power Wheelchairs

3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Below are MY TOP PICKS in the FOUR categories:

 Wheelchair88: Foldawheel Electric WheelchairPride 'Jazzy Air' Powerchair (with 10” Power Adjustable Seat Height)Drive Medical Scout Travel Power 3-Wheel ScooterDrive Medical Scout Compact 4-Wheel Travel Power Scooter
 Wheelchair88: Foldawheel Electric WheelchairPride ‘Jazzy Air’ Powerchair (with 10” Power Adjustable Seat Height)Drive Medical Scout Travel Power 3-Wheel ScooterDrive Medical Scout Compact 4-Wheel Travel Power Scooter
Amazon Rating
Lowest Price$3295.00Amazon See it$3799.00Amazon See it$729.00Amazon See it$670.54Amazon See it
BrandsWheelchair88Pride MobilityDrive MedicalDrive Medical
TypesLightweight/Travel Electric WheelchairsFull-Size Power Wheelchair3-Wheel Mobility Scooter4-Wheel Mobility Scooter
Weight48.3 lbs. (with batteries installed)225 lbs. (with batteries installed)85 lbs. (with SLA batteries installed)94 lbs. (with batteries installed)
Product Dimensions36" (L) x 23" (W) x 35" (H) (unfolded) – 28" (L) x 23" (W) x 12" (H) (folded) 42" (L) x 23.5" (W) x 42" (H) (non-elevated)43" (L) x 21" (W) x 36" (H)43" (L) x 21" (W) x 36" (H)
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